SYCEES ZBS-20A 2 in 1 44lbs/24H Ice Maker & Shaver Review

by Zhishui Fan on January 17, 2022

SYCEES ZBS-20A ice maker is not only able to make up to 44 pounds of ice cubes in 24 hours but can also turn them into shaved ice in seconds. It seems like it’s the only machine on sale today that’s able to do both at an affordable pricing as other models than can also make ice cubes and shaved ice usually cost over $1,000.

So is SYCEES ZBS-20A any good?

Ice production
SYCEES ZBS-20A uses R290/1.34 ounce refrigerant and pure copper evaporator to make 18 ice cubes every ~11 minutes. Ice cubes are bullet shaped with hollow middle which makes them chewable and increases contact area with your drink which in turn increases cooling ability.

It seems like SYCEES ZBS-20A produces denser ice cubes than other countertop ice makers as they melt slower. It also makes up to 1.83 lbs of ice cubes every hour which is 69% more than most other countertop ice maker machines.

So when it comes to ice production SYCEES ZBS-20A performs very well. Ice quality and output is very good – in this sense SYCEES ZBS-20A beats most of the competition.

Keep in mind that first 1-2 batches might produce a bit smaller ice cubes because it takes a while for SYCEES ZBS-20A to properly cool down.

Shaved ice
SYCEES ZBS-20A makes pretty much perfect shaved ice in seconds that’s delicious and refreshing. It’s definitely better than one made with a blender or food processor. Perfect for sno-cones, slushies etc.

When SYCEES ZBS-20A finishes making a batch of ice cubes it drops most of them in ice basket but few of them make it to special container for shaving ice. If you don’t plan to shave ice cubes you can put a lid on the container so ice cubes don’t get inside the shaving container and go into ice basket instead. If container isn’t full enough you can manually put some ice cubes there with ice shovel (SYCEES ice maker comes with one).

Control panel
Control panel of SYCEES ZBS-20A is basic, intuitive and simple to use. There are only two buttons: “Ice” (to start or stop ice production) and “Shaved Ice” (press it to make shaved ice).

You will also find 3 indicator lights – “Ice making”, “Ice full” and “Add water”. They are pretty self-explanatory. “Ice making” indicator simply indicates that SYCEES ZBS-20A is currently producing ice, “Ice full” means that ice basket is full and “Add water” means that water reservoir is empty and you have to add water.

Water delivery
There are two ways you can deliver water necessary for making ice cubes. One way is to add water manually by pouring it in water reservoir. Water reservoir capacity is 3 liters which equals to 101 oz. or 0.79 gallons.

Alternatively you can connect ice maker to a faucet. This might be a better option since there’s water filter in the middle of the water cable so it will filter water coming from the faucet but won’t the one in water reservoir.

SYCEES ZBS-20A features stainless steel housing. It also has sensors that detect when ice basket is full or water reservoir is empty – in either case it will pause ice production and light up corresponding indicator to inform you.

Ice basket holds up to 6.6 lbs of ice cubes which equals to about 144 ice cubes. Keep in mind that it’s not refrigerated so made ice cubes will melt eventually. Melted water goes in water reservoir to be reused.

SYCEES ZBS-20A ice cube/shave ice maker is also ETL certified meaning it has been tested by Edison Testing Laboratories (run by Intertek which is a member of NRTL – short for Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories) and meets number of safety standards.

SYCEES ZBS-20A 2 in 1 ice cube & shaved ice maker measures 14.9 inches wide, 15.7 inches deep and 16.5 inches high so it’s on larger side for a countertop/portable appliance.

SYCEES ZBS-20A is the best ice maker on the market when it comes to value for money. Not only it’s capable of making nearly 2 pounds of good quality ice cubes every hour it can also turn them into amazing, shaved ice. There’s no ice maker on the market currently that can compete with ZBS-20A without being significantly more expensive.

If you are looking for a portable/countertop ice maker then SYCEES ZBS-20A is very likely the right choice for you!

SYCEES ZBS-20A Ice Cube and Shaved Ice Maker Machine Specifications:

Type: Freestanding / Portable / Countertop
Ice output: up to 44 lbs per 24 hours
Ice cubes per batch: 18
Ice cube size options: 1
Ice cube shape: Bullet with hollow middle
Water reservoir capacity: 101 oz / 3 liters
Ice basket capacity: up to 6.6 lbs / 3.0 kg
Refrigerant: R290/1.34 ounce
Evaporator: Pure copper
Dimensions: 14.9” x 15.7” x 16.5” (W x D x H)
Package contents:
1 x SYCEES ZBS-20A ice cube & shaved ice maker machine
1 x Water filter
1 x Measuring cup
1 x Instructions
1 x Ice shovel
1 x Ice basket