Our journey into ice maker......

SYCEES has continued to exceed client expectations in offering premium home ice maker and commercial ice maker at affordable prices since 2007. We started as a small factory, 3 year later, SYCEES started its online retail journey on China and USA. Within several years, SYCEES quickly grew into a professional ice maker supplier and retailer based on our huge R&D investment.

Since 2008, we established 3 R&D centers in China and USA, we own over 80 patents for now.

We have over 10 warehouses around the world, 3 warehouses on USA, our marketing and merchandising efforts are geared toward providing a broad selection of styles at competitive prices, quick delivery to the consumer, and strong customer support. 

 Our factory in China:

 Our R&D in China, USA:

Our warehouses in USA:


SYCEES, Bring you a better life.